The BUMC Men’s Group has gone through various changes and reincarnations throughout the years. In years past, we met as a “breakfast club” and to having a dinner meeting, as is our current configuration. We have been strictly a social club doing outside activities as a group, but have recently morphed into a service-oriented group, sponsoring several missions, both locally and worldwide.


            It is no secret that we strive to increase our membership. Unfortunately, we have a very small, but dedicated, group of about six members. We would somehow like to at least double that so we could do even more for the advancing of God’s Kingdom. Currently, our meetings consist of sharing a dinner meal, fellowship, a short business session regarding the status of our supported missions and upcoming events, and a timely-thematic devotional period. In the past, along with our Outreach Team, we co-sponsored a chicken barbeque, which we no longer hold, partly due to low membership. We do, however, still hold an annual Chicken ‘N’ Biscuits luncheon as our current sole fund-raiser.


            As mentioned above, the various missions we support are:

  • Local Migrant Mission – Support of local migrant farmers and their families, both through monetary and physical gifts.
  • Miracle Garden Christian School and Orphanage, India – Created following devastating tsunami of 2004, this school teaches Christianity in a predominately Hindu nation. We support them through monetary gifts only, usually on a semi-annual basis.
  • Gathering Table – Held monthly, at the Brockport First Baptist Church, this is an afternoon meal open to anyone, but is generally for those who are somewhat underprivileged. Our group cooks and serves a meal for them once per year.
  • Helping with Felix – Several years ago, our current Youth Leader, David Steves, took on the responsibility of helping to sponsor an underprivileged child named Felix from Africa. Our group helps with sponsorship payments whenever we find ourselves with a windfall.
  • Service Projects – Over the years, we have been involved in various service projects to benefit BUMC, such as repainting and repairing our courtyard fence and gate.